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The Department of Physics atphysicscollage UMBC is working to make strides in four central research areas: astrophysics, atmospheric physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum optics and quantum information.  23 faculty members and approximately 46 graduate students work together on both theoretical and experimental research topics such as infrared, visible and ultraviolet measurements of gases and aerosols in the atmosphere, physics of nanostructured metal, semiconductor and organic materials, quantum entanglement and Bell’s inequalities, and galactic and extragalactic sources.  The UMBC Telescope, the UMBC NanoImaging Center (NIC), and a class 100 clean room are available research facilities housed in the Department of Physics. UMBC also hosts several research centers with affiliations to the Physics Department including, the Center for Space Science and Technology (CSST), the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET), and the Center for Advanced Studies in Photonic Research (CASPR).

Chair: Dr. L. Michael Hayden, Professor


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