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Undergraduate Research

On-Campus Research

Research opportunities are available at UMBC throughout the calendar year. To learn more about On-Campus Research opportunities visit the UMBC Undergraduate Research website.


Opportunities in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Opportunities in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Spreadsheet
About this spreadsheet: Research opportunities for summer research opportunities in the natural and mathematical sciences are complied on an intermittent basis.  This list is not comprehensive but serves as a starting point for personal internet searches by students for opportunities of interest in the months prior to the application deadlines. Many applications are due between December and March for the upcoming summer.

Summer Research at UMBC

CNMS Departments host several excellent summer research training opportunities that attract top undergraduates from UMBC and schools nationwide. Please check the department websites for up-to-date program descriptions.

Undergraduate Research Conferences at UMBC

Students have the opportunity to present their research at local and national conferences. There are three undergraduate conferences held at UMBC:

Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences
Held each October, this is open to any undergraduate student, no mater which undergraduate institution they attend, to present research he or she conducted related to the fields of chemical and biological science. General attendance is open to the public.

Undergraduate Research Creative Achievement Day (URCAD)
Held in the spring, this is opportunity is available to current UMBC students. General attendance is open to the public.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fest
Held in August, this opportunity is open to students, undergraduate or high school, who conduct research during the summer at UMBC.