Graduate Students

The College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences currently enrolls many graduate students in 14 graduate programs and administers nearly half of the doctoral programs at UMBC. Our graduate students are dedicated researchers who work side by side with their faculty mentors as they pursue their educational goals at UMBC with the ongoing support of their home departments and the UMBC Graduate School. Emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and access to faculty members and facilities of the entire University System of Maryland maximize the graduate students’ abilities to identify programs best suited to their individual interests.

Degree Programs

Applied Molecular Biology (M.S.)
Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
Biological Sciences (Ph.D. & M.S.)
Biostatistics (M.S. & PhD. with UMB)
Biotechnology (Certificate & Masters in Professional Studies)
Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences (Ph.D. & M.S.)
Molecular and Cell Biology (Ph.D.)
Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences (Ph.D.)
Biotechnology Program

Chemistry (Ph.D. & M.S.)
Applied Mathematics (Ph.D. & M.S.)
Statistics (Ph.D. & M.S.)
Toxicology (Ph.D. & M.S.)
Physics (Ph.D. or M.S.)
Atmospheric Physics (Ph.D. or M.S.)
MPS Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership

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Graduate Student Organizations

In addition to a very active and supportive Graduate Student Association at UMBC, there are four CNMS Graduate Student Organizations that support UMBC graduate students. These groups, which meet regularly, are student directed and focused on the interests of student members. For additional information, visit the association websites:

Graduate Student Association of Biological Sciences

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Student Association

Physics Graduate Student Association

Graduate Student Resources

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Workshop Recording 1

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Workshop Recording 2