Faculty Onboarding Checklist

Welcome to UMBC!

We recognize that starting a new job is challenging. To facilitate your transition to your new position, we have developed this checklist with links to university resources. As you go through the list, please work with your department chairs to address any questions that you may have. UMBC is committed to your success in your new position!

Faculty On-boarding
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Start Date:

UMBC email:

Personal email:

Office phone:

Cell phone:

Additional resources:




Pre-arrival (before you start):

First Week:

  • Departmental chair meets with faculty candidate to discuss classes, logistics, mentoring, describe roles and responsibilities of department administration and staff
  • Ensure that new faculty member gets appropriate seminar and colloquia announcements
  • Introduce the new faculty member to members of the department
  • Introduce new faculty member to graduate students
  • Provide old syllabi, previous class notes, and other materials to facilitate teaching classes
  • Describe procurement procedures for new equipment

First Semester:

End of First Year:

  • Department chair meets with new faculty and mentors to discuss progress after one year.