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What is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook?

An electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) is a digital tool for documenting your research, saving and sharing files, and facilitating research collaboration. ELN’s can be used across all research disciplines and in a multitude of settings, such as in a formal laboratory, a laboratory course, or during summer research experiences. UMBC has chosen LabArchives as our ELN platform.

Why choose an Electronic Laboratory Notebook?

ELN’s can replace traditional lab notebooks and have the advantage of being accessible at all times and incapable of being lost. Lab protocols and procedures that are documented in ELN’s can easily be reproduced, and some laboratory instruments are capable of being setup to feed data directly into the ELN. Additionally, ELN’s can serve multiple functions as a data manager and confer the ability to import protocols, notes, and any relevant research data so that information can be effectively organized in one place. All research data entered into LabArchives will be stores securely in the cloud and only on equipment located in the U.S.

Interested in getting started with LabArchives?

  • If you are a faculty member or program director who is interested in implementing LabArchives in your lab, program, or classroom please visit the LabArchives myUMBC group and sign up for a training.

Already have a LabArchives account and looking to learn more?

  • For more information on how to get your LabArchives account organized check out the quick start guide here.
  • Find more information on the available roles in LabArchives and how to share data with others here.
  • Find more information on possible ways to organize your electronic lab notebook here.
  • Visit Knowledgebase for more information on all the capabilities and benefits of LabArchives.
  • Visit the video tutorials page for a refresher on how to use components of LabArchives.
  • Visit the user forums page to discuss how you use LabArchives.

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