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Core Facilities

The College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences houses four core facilities that offer a multitude of resources to both the UMBC community, as well as outside clientele.

The Keith R. Porter Imaging Facility

KPIF logo17aUp0 The KPIF under the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences provides core instrumentation for biological and materials science research. Equipment and services are available to all faculty and staff at UMBC, as well as the surrounding academic and industrial communities. The facility is located on the ground floor of the Biological Sciences Building and includes epi-fluorescence, confocal, transmission electron and atomic force microscopes. The facility supports all aspects of imaging, including protocol development, sample preparation, equipment training and image processing.For more information on the KPIF please visit or contact Tagide deCarvalho at

The Molecular Characterization and Analysis Complex (MCAC)

The MCAC is dedicated to developing cutting edge analytical techniques in order to solve modern problems while providing a stimulating learning environment and exposure to research for both undergraduate and graduate students. Open to universities and all other facilities in need of analytical techniques, the lab strives to be an environment of peer mentoring, professional team building, and a place to develop critical thinking skills by fusing academic research with both teaching and industry. The MCAC houses approximately 20 different instruments with a variety of capabilities including chromatography, mass spectrometry, NMR, and spectroscopy.

For more information on the MCAC please visit or contact Joshua Wilhide at

NanoImaging Facility

NIF square logo The NIF is a user facility funded by UMBC and NSF. It supports research at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, other campuses of the University System of Maryland, academic and non-profit entities, and commercial organizations. NIF also supports the teaching mission of UMBC by making its instruments accessible for coursework and student projects on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Instrumentation at NIF includes two scanning electron microscope (Nova NanoSEM 450 and JEOL 5600), an atomic force microscope (Dimension 3100), and several pieces of auxiliary equipment to aid in sample preparation and inspection.For more information on the NIF please visit or contact Tagide deCarvalho at

Research Graphics

rG flyer logo Research Graphics offers a variety of design and creative services that are available to all UMBC faculty and staff. These services include but are not limited to: specimen photography, videography, animation, graphic design, scientific illustration, professional portraits, poster printing, image processing, and web design.

For more information on Research Graphics please visit or contact Melissa Cormier at