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Biological Sciences

BiocollageUMBC’s Department of Biological Sciences exhibits a wide breadth of research encompassing six major focus areas, including: Cell Biology, Computational Biology, Developmental Biology and Immunology, Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Neuroscience, and Plant Biology. 24 highly-trained research faculty members work alongside approximately 80 graduate students in order to help solve today’s current scientific problems. Current faculty member projects explore such topics as the utilization of synthetic biological systems to engineer microbial strains for bioenergy and bioremediation, tumor-induced immune suppression, regulation of brain development and metabolism, identification of novel genes involved in cell migration, bioinformatics methodologies to understand the molecular basis of disease, mechanisms of plant innate immunity, and many more. The Department of Biological Sciences is also home to a multitude of special facilities to aid in research efforts including the Keith R. Porter Imaging Facility, Illustrative Services, an NIH- approved animal facility, a 5,000-square-foot transgenic plant greenhouse, and Applied Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Chair: Dr. Philip Farabaugh, Professor


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