CNMS Pre-Award

Meet the Team

College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Grants Administration

Through collaboration between CNMS Business Central and the Dean’s office, the College of Natural Mathematical Sciences (CNMS) offers pre-award proposal services to support grant development and proposal submission for the college’s departments.

Meet the CNMS Business Central Pre-award Proposal Team:

Sarah Jackson and Taylor Shortt are the departmental contracts and grants specialists who provide expertise and guidance throughout the proposal submission process as the primary liaisons to OSP.  They are primarily responsible for administering and coordinating all grant applications and contract agreements with OSP in preparation for final submission to the sponsor.

Sarah and Taylor’s responsibilities include:

  • Review and interpret sponsor policies and guidelines
  • Coordinate new PI accounts set up to meet UMBC OSP system requirements and sponsor account registrations [hyperlink to list of PI mandatory training and account set up list]
  • Administer the proposal preparation process
    • schedule and facilitate grant planning meetings with the PI
    • Provide templates for proposal preparation
    • Assist with budget and budget justification preparation
    • Review all proposal documents to ensure compliance with sponsor and university policies and guidelines
    • Upload and route all proposals in Kuali and sponsor application platforms
  • Support non-financial post-award grants administration activities, including re-budgeting requests, submitting subaward invoices, submitting sub-award modifications, submitting pre-award account requests, and submitting no cost extension (NCE) requests to OSP

Department assignments and contact information for Sarah and Taylor can be found here

To request pre-award assistance, please submit an RT ticket here [insert hot link to CNMS Business Central RT form].

Meet the Dean’s Office Administrator for Grant Development & Support:

Janice Abarro is the primary CNMS liaison to the Office of Research and Creative Achievement (ORCA, previously OVPR), Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR), Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery, and other grant support services available on campus internally or externally.  Grant support consultations are available by appointment by submitting an RT Ticket under grants development support [Link to RT ticketing system coming soon].

Janice’s responsibilities include:

  • Identify funding opportunities to support research, equipment, conferences, travel, etc.
  • Develop strategic funding plans to identify the most appropriate funding opportunities to increase proposal submission and yield.
  • Provide proposal development support for large scale proposals involving CNMS teams
    • Provide sponsor specific guidance
    • Provide successful sample proposals upon request
    • Collect and compile large institutional data sets
    • Review large-scale proposals for consistency with sponsor guidelines.
  • Coordinate grant training and development workshops and seminars

Meet Your Pre-Award Team

Your pre-award team is here to help! The CNMS pre-award team assist with: Analyzing Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) and Sponsor Requirements, Creating Budgets, Routing and Review of proposals in Kuali and the Sponsor Systems, Rebudgets for Post Award Activities, No Cost Extensions, and Subaward management.

  • Sarah is the Grants and Contracts Specialist that works closely with Biology, Mathematics, and Marine Biotechnology.
    Sarah Jackson

    Sarah Jackson

    Specialist Grants and Contracts

    Natural and Mathematical Sciences

    University Center 116

    +1 410 455 2247

  • Taylor is the Grants and Contracts Specialist that works closely with Physics, Chemistry, and the CNMS Dean’s office.
    Taylor Shortt

    Taylor Shortt

    Specialist Grants and Contracts

    Natural and Mathematical Sciences

    University Center 116

    +1 410 455 1204

  • Janice is the Administrator for grant support is located in the CNMS Dean’s office.
    Janice Abarro

    Janice Abarro

    Administrator, Grant Support

    Natural and Mathematical Sciences

    University Center 116 M

    +1 410 455 2575

Both Sarah and Taylor work together and as each other’s backups should one be out. If you have further questions, comments, concerns or requests please feel free to contact either of them for assistance.

Common How-to-Apply Guides

Several of the most common sponsors have standard guides for how to apply to their various funding opportunities. These guides can be referenced for common questions, however it is important to note that the Specific FOA may deviate.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Kuali

Kuali is the internal system UMBC uses to track pre-award proposals and post-award proposals. It is imperative that all external funding be routed through Kuali within OSP’s 3 day deadline. Your CNMS Pre-award Grants and Contracts specialist can assist with Kuali and Sponsor routing and review while the Office of Sponsored Programs is here to assist in the final submission. Some proposals will have to go through Kuali and the sponsor’s portal, however some can be submitted directly through Kuali, ask your Grants and Contracts Specialist for assistance.

External Funding Opportunities

All external funding opportunities must be routed in Kuali and ready for sponsor submission by OSP’s 3 day deadline. Contact your CNMS Grants and Contracts Specialist for assistance for assistance with routing, budgetary information, and organization of your proposal.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding opportunities do not have to be routed through Kuali, however they will need an account set up for them in PeopleSoft. Always contact your Business Manager and Grants and Contracts Specialist in CNMS for assistance.