Volvox Meeting Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Expected Behavior

  1. Treat other participants with dignity and respect. Be professional and considerate, and try to be empathetic towards fellow attendees.
  2. Be inclusive. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we all benefit when all participants and all ideas are given full and fair consideration.
  3. Honor the cultures of other participants. As a diverse, international community, we bring together many different ways of thinking, doing ,and living. Honoring our differences will help make this conference feel safe and comfortable for all participants.
  4. Step up and step back. We welcome all to share their thoughts and ideas and to participate in discussions, and to leave room for other participants to do the same.
  5. Honor conference rules regarding photography/photocopying. Ask the permission of other participants before taking photos of them or of their posters and presentation slides.
  6. Respect UMBC campus rules. Honor meeting or living space rules regarding smoking and consumption of food and beverages.

Examples of Unacceptable behavior

  • Bullying, Harassing, or intimidating other participants, either in-person or online
  • Verbal comments relating to body size/physical appearance, sexual orientation, or race
  • Including inappropriate images in talks or posters or sharing inappropriate images in person or online
  • Threatening others or providing unwanted attention
  • Disrupting presentations or discussions
  • Making belittling comments about others, in person or online

Consequences for violating the code of conduct

Attendees who feel that another attendee has violated the code of conduct should contact the meeting organizers and/r the UMBC Office of Equity (UMBC OEI) and Inclusion (;; 410-455-1717) to make a report.