Volvox Program

Volvox 2023 Meeting Program

All talks in PUP 204


Sunday, June 11  Public Policy Building (PUP)

Noon-6 pm:      Registration (PUP atrium; housing check-in at Chesapeake dorm)

6-7:30 pm:       Mixer (PUP 203)

7:30-9:30 pm:   Dinner (PUP atrium)

Monday, June 12

7:30-9 am:       Breakfast for on-site visitors (True Grits)

9:00-9:10         Opening remarks

9:10-10:25       Session 1: Omics Analyses

9:10-9:15     Introduction (Bradly Olson, session chair)

9:15-9:40    Bradley Olson, Kansas State University

“Multi-omics analysis of the transition to multicellularity reveals developmental reprogramming of gene expression resulting in novel protein complex formation”

9:40-10:05  Dinah Davison, Kansas State University

“The reorganization of protein interaction networks during the transition to multicellularity”

10:05-10:20 James Umen, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

“Cell type transcriptome dynamics across the vegetative life cycle of Volvox carteri

10:20-10:30 Break

10:30-noon:     Session 2: Cell Fate and Evolution

10:30-10:35 Introduction (Aurora Nedelcu, session chair)

10:35-11:00 Aurora Nedelcu, University of New Brunswick

“Insights into the evolutionary and mechanistic basis for somatic cell differentiation in Volvox carteri”

11:00-11:15 JD Seah, UMBC

“RegA VARL domain evolution and the emergence of somatic cell differentiation in the volvocine algae”

11:15-11:30 James Williams, UMBC

“Cas9 mutagenesis of the rlsA gene in Volvox carteri”

11:30-11:45 SoRi La, University of Arizona

“Ancient redox mechanism co-opted for size dimorphism to mediate conflict during the evolution of multicellularity”

11:45:12:10 Berenice Jiménez-Marín, Kansas State University

“Functional analysis of regA homolog rlsD in Volvox carteri”

12:10-1:30   Lunch (PUP 203)

1:30-2:00         Session 3: Volvox in the Classroom

1:30-1:45    Joshua Hoskinson, Arizona State University

“Teaching the evolution of biological complexity using the volvocine algae model system”

1:45-2:00    Dinah Davison, Kansas State University

“The volvocine algae are a useful teaching tool in undergraduate biology classrooms”

2:00-3:00         Keynote Address: Richard Michod, University of Arizona

“Reorganization of fitness during the evolutionary transition to multicellular individuality”

3:00-6:00         Discussion (including virtual attendees) and Posters (PUP Atrium)

6:00-8:00         Dinner (PUP Atrium)


Tuesday, June 13

7:30-9             Breakfast for on-site visitors (True Grits)

9-10:25            Session 4: Cell Division and Ontogeny

9:00-9:05    Introduction (Eva von der Heyde, session chair)

9:05-9:30    Stephen Miller, UMBC

“Functional analysis of Volvox carteri dp1”

9:30-9:55    Eva von der Heyde, University of Bielefeld

“Evolution of cell division – how does Volvox fit into the picture?”

9:55-10:20  Benjamin von der Heyde, University of Bielefeld

“The role of cell type-specific pherophorins in the ECM of Volvox carteri”

10:20-10:40     Break

10:40-noon      Session 5: Mechanics of Development

10:40-10:45 Introduction (Steph Höhn, session chair)

10:45-11:10 Steph Höhn, University of Cambridge

“ECM growth, biomechanics and cell positioning in Volvox carteri”

11:10-11:35 Anand Srinivasan, University of Cambridge (virtual)

“Growth-curvature feedback models for stable isotropic expansion”

11:35-11:50 Jane Chui, University of Cambridge (virtual)

“Intrinsic Curvatures of Volvox carteri

10:50-noon Marco Vona, University of Cambridge (virtual)

“Residual Stresses in the Volvox ECM”

Noon-1:30       Lunch (PUP 203)

1:30-3              Session 6: Organellar Topics and Motility

1:30-1:35    Introduction (Noriko Ueki, session chair)

1:35-1:45    Cherdsak Maneeruttana Rungroj, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

“Algal Biotechnology: A Possibility From Lab Scale To Large Scale

1:45-1:55    Natwikar Laokua, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

“Ethanol induced biohydrogen production in Chlorella sp. KLSc61: optimization and proteome response during production”

1:55-2:20    Shyanika Nissanka, Western University (virtual)

“Genome-wide investigation of reverse transcriptase-like gene (rtl) in the mitochondrial genomes of Chlamydomonadales using transcriptome data”

2:20-2:45    Kyriacos C Leptos, University of Cambridge (virtual)

Chlamydomonas phototaxis results from a tuned adaptive flagellar response similar to Gonium and Volvox

2:45-2:55    Noriko Ueki, Hosei University

“Transition of photoresponse styles in cilia as a function of Reynolds number in Volvocales”

2:55-3:15         Break

3:15-5              Community Meeting

5:30                 Depart from Commons garage/loop for Banquet Dinner (Atlantic Restaurant, Catonsville)

Wednesday, June 14

7:30-8:30         Breakfast for on-site visitors (True Grits)

8:45-9:00         Departure from Commons garage/loop for National Aquarium

1:30-2              Depart National Aquarium and return to UMBC for departure